Welcome to the Upper Pine Creek Sportsmens Association Web Site.  We are a club located in the town of Gaines, Pennsylvania.  We stock trout in the Upper Pine Creek for our members and other fishermen.  We, the officers and members hope you will visit and enjoy learning about the club.

We, the members of the Upper Pine Creek Sportsmens Association, are now able to bring you live telemetry of the current Pine Creek water levels from the Cedar Run, PA location.  To get this information, just double-click on the underlined name, Cedar Run, PA
Our Story
One day I was talking to a friend and he told me of a fishing association that stocks the Lehigh River in Carbon County, PA where I used to live.  I figured why not do the same thing on Upper Pine Creek.  Our goal was to stock 1,000 trout in Upper Pine the first year and that would make a difference in our fishery.  We went to business owners in our area and proposed the idea to them.  They thought that stocking the trout before May 30th would be a huge asset to the fishery.

The Upper Pine Creek Sportsmens Association was formed in 2000.  We sold memberships and local businesses made generous donations enabling us to stock 1,800 trout our first year.  We also got involved in float stocking the preseason state fish.

On July 1, 2002 we incorporated as a non-profit corporation.  In 2012, because of our memberships and business associates, we were able to stock 3,000 trout.  Over 100 of the fish were between 18 and 26 inches.

With your help though the purchase of memberships and our yearly lottery ticket sells we  are looking for 2013 to be the biggest and best year yet and be able to increase the number of trout that we stock.

The more members and donations we have THE MORE FISH WE CAN STOCK.  Please help us help you.

Fred R. Hollar, President
Upper Pine Creek Sportsmens Association